100% wolf fur bracelets (two-tone)

100% wolf fur bracelets (two-tone)

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100% wolf fur bracelets

The fiber used to make these unique keychains and bracelets is made from the fur that is shed once a year by the wolves of Colorado Wolf Adventures. The wolves shed their downy soft undercoat in the spring which allows them to stay cooler in warm weather.

The amount of fur gathered each year is enough to make only a few bracelets.Once the fur is collected, it goes through a very time-intensive process to produce the fiber: collecting the fur, washing by hand, carding (untangling the fur) and spinning. Only then it is ready to be made into the bracelet you see today. Many said supporters contribute their specialized talents to the process and each keychains or bracelet is the result of 8 or more hours of work.

With this yearly cycle of shedding, the wolves are helping to support themselves. Their work is rewarded when a finished keychains or bracelet is purchased and worn. They thank you!